Explore, earn, fight, own

Spaceminers is an upcoming free-to-play online game that will combine engaging gameplay with the ability to earn real-world gold. Players will get to move between several different game modes, with the first releasing in pre-alpha very soon.

The Spaceminers Chronicles

The Susmus

It is the year 2169. A ruthless, corrupt regime known as Author1D has control of the Spesitos star system and its neighbours. Driven by their greed for power, they have spread their influence across the knownverse, seeking slaves to work in the production lines of Grain, a most valuable and important resource.

Dissidents who refuse to align themselves with Author1D are murdered. After witnessing his father’s death at the hands of Author1D agents, a young boy named Tribus was raised as an elite soldier, working within the brutal system for many years. Eventually he recognised the violence and despair the regime was bringing to the people of the star systems, and he fled.

Crash-landed on the planet Sophiat, Tribus discovered the Susmus, a gargantuan ziggurat hiding many secrets behind its ancient stone walls. He broadcast an encrypted message of resistance across the knownverse, calling people to join, and soon the first few honourable rebels began to arrive. Tribus was able to establish the first organised faction united against Author1D, naming them the Spaceminers.

Now, brave and true Cadets are being admitted to the Spaceminers Academy, hidden deep in the lower chambers of the Susmus ziggurat. Their endurance and tenacity are tested among the flickering firelight of the dungeons’ torches. And only the best pass the training and emerge as Spaceminers.

Management Team

James Bennett

Chief Executive Officer

James has 6 years as a Founder/CEO across the web3 industry. Prior to that he was at General Electric where he completed their Financial Management Program.

Valentino Lazarides

Chief Creative Architect

Val is responsible for creating the lore of the Spaceminers universe as well as managing the creative pipeline. He has a background in 3D, utilising cutting edge tools for animations and 3D motion graphics.

Sharon Reid

Chief Of Staff

Sharon is co-owner of The Imaginarium Studios and a former Director of Edelman UK. She worked as an Executive Producer on projects for BBC Two and BBC Radio

Luca Luzzatti

Head Of UX Design

Luca, a seasoned product designer with almost 20 years of experience, with a diverse background spanning industries such as Communication, Tourism, Academic Publishing, and Social Network

Filip Vostatek

Head Of Engineering

Filip studied in Prague and Dresden before moving to the UK to pursue his dreams of building big, planet-scale distributed systems.

Gerardo Justel

Assistant Game Producer

Gerardo graduated from the University of Belgrano with BA in Graphic Design, and his passion for traditional art and video games influenced him to become a 3D artist.

Creative Team

Ruslan Dzhemaletdinov

Motion Designer

Ruslan started out as a 2D FX artist and over the last four years has developed and increased the complexity of his projects while working for clients including Warner Bros, Zinga, Revolut, and Tinder.

Eugenie Liashko

3D Artist

As well as being a 3D Artist, Eugenie is a sculptor and Fine Art Academy graduate. He has over 10 years experience in 3D modelling and product design

Callum Paton-Copley

Junior Texture Artist & 3D Modeller

Callum is in his first job as a 3D artist following his Masters in Game Art and Design, and he is enjoying putting everything he learned in his studies into practice

Giorgos Tsolis

Senior Concept Artist

Giorgos graduated valedictorian from the Graphic Design Art School in Thessaloniki, Greece. He has more than 18 years of experience and provides design, illustration, creative direction, and visual development solutions for Spaceminers

Uditraj Vadher

3D Texture Artist & Level Designer

Udit is currently pursuing a Masters in Games Art and Design at the University of Hertfordshire and has a huge passion for all things space-related.

Alp Elber

Concept Artist

Alp is based in Turkey and has experience working on films and in games where he developed his passion for visual storytelling

Daniel Pink

Concept Artist

Dan graduated from UCA with a 1st class BA in Computer Games Arts and has previously worked as a freelance concept artist and illustrator.

Yijia Wang

Junior Graphic Designer

Yijia studied at the University of Shenzhen before moving to the UK where she graduated with an MA in Design from the University of Leeds.

Lourenço Stewart

Motion Graphics & Ue Artist

Lourenço is a Motion Graphics & UE Artist, leveraging his professional background as the co-founder of Hábito Architecture Studio

Development Team

Lucian Shaw

Lead Developer

Lucian is an Unreal Engine wizard with experience leading development and creating systems on a wide range of experiences.

Nikhil Orke

Game Developer

Nik is an aspiring game developer and graduate from YCCE, Nagpur. He’s currently on a journey from a small place at the centre of India to learn, explore, experience, and create the game you all dream of.

Saihaj Butt

Game Developer

Saihaj is a Computer Science graduate from Pakistan. He has experience working as a developer in both Unity and Unreal Engine

Yurii Maruda

Unreal Engine Developer

Yurii is a gameplay programmer at Spaceminers, responsible for gluing all our content together into a live structure in Unreal.

Marketing Team

Willet Haxby

Marketing Lead

Willet is a disenchanted investment banker who decided to step away from the City and now devotes his time and effort to the world of web3.

Tommy Yee

Community Manager

Tommy has over a decade of experience in building online communities from e-sports gaming to trading and NFTs. He’s a part-time gamer, swimmer, musician, and tech enthusiast and lives in Malaysia with his family.

Caroline Lavaroni

UX Writer

Caroline is a lifelong creative writer with tons of experience building sci-fi and fantasy worlds. She comes from a game development background

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