Explore, earn, fight, own

Spaceminers is an upcoming free-to-play online game that will combine engaging gameplay with the ability to earn real-world gold. Players will get to move between several different game modes, with the first releasing in pre-alpha very soon.

The Spaceminers Chronicles

The Susmus

It is the year 2169. A ruthless, corrupt regime known as Author1D has control of the Spesitos star system and its neighbours. Driven by their greed for power, they have spread their influence across the knownverse, seeking slaves to work in the production lines of Grain, a most valuable and important resource.

Dissidents who refuse to align themselves with Author1D are murdered. After witnessing his father’s death at the hands of Author1D agents, a young boy named Tribus was raised as an elite soldier, working within the brutal system for many years. Eventually he recognised the violence and despair the regime was bringing to the people of the star systems, and he fled.

Crash-landed on the planet Sophiat, Tribus discovered the Susmus, a gargantuan ziggurat hiding many secrets behind its ancient stone walls. He broadcast an encrypted message of resistance across the knownverse, calling people to join, and soon the first few honourable rebels began to arrive. Tribus was able to establish the first organised faction united against Author1D, naming them the Spaceminers.

Now, brave and true Cadets are being admitted to the Spaceminers Academy, hidden deep in the lower chambers of the Susmus ziggurat. Their endurance and tenacity are tested among the flickering firelight of the dungeons’ torches. And only the best pass the training and emerge as Spaceminers.